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Well-thought out construction with a building loan

Whether you're renovating your bathroom, remodelling the kitchen or removing the fitted carpet from the children's room — with our building loan you can accomplish the renovation simply, cheaply and flexibly.

The benefits of a building loan

  • The benefits of a building loan
    Access cash without increasing your mortgage
  • Freely selectable credit amount
    CHF 1,000 up to max. CHF 120,000
  • Low interest rate
    from 4.5 % to max. 9.9 %
  • Building loan instead of your mortgage
    Begin your renovation project immediately
  • Flexible repayment terms
    from 6 to 84 months
  • Insurance cover
    Safeguard instalments against redundancy or unemployment
  • Loan Application
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eny Credit Insurance, the installment insurance for our online loan.

Depending on your credit rating, the annual interest rate varies between 5.90% and 11.95%. Sample calculation: An effective annual interest rate of 5.90% to 11.95% results in a monthly rate between CHF and CHF as well as total interest costs between CHF and CHF . The credit provider is eny Finance AG, headquartered in Zurich. The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).
Monthly instalment in CHF

enyCredit Insurance portion

Interest rate (effective)

Sample calculation with 5.90% annual interest rate

directly online — in just 3 minutes!

Renovate without increasing your mortgage

Converting and renovating can also be completed by increasing your mortgage. However, an application for a mortgage increase may result in the entire mortgage being re-examined and the property being revalued. A building loan can also be taken out for conversions and renovations ranging from CHF 1,000 to CHF 120,000.

Choose a building loan and save taxes

Interest on renovation credit is deductible in your tax returns. If you rebuild and renovate to preserve the value of your property you may also deduct the costs of the renovation in your tax returns.

Building loan or mortgage increase — what makes sense?

Traditional construction financing is measured on the one hand by the mortgage value of the property to be financed and, on the other hand by the sustainability and term for which the mortgage is taken out. The favourable conditions are based on the fact that the bank may be granted a claim to your property.

If you are unable to meet your obligations, in an emergency, the bank is entitled to liquidate the property. The property must be assessed to issue a mortgage note which incurs additional costs.

Unlike with our building loan: The mortgage remains untouched! With our loan instalment insurance, you can even insurance the instalments against redundancy or unemployment.

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The credit provider is eny Finance AG, headquartered in Zurich. The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG)

  • The maximum annual percentage rate is 9.90%.
  • Duration: 6 - 84 months

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